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In Lääne-Virumaa  adventists gather every week in three places to learn the Bible and to worship God.

In Rakvere (Pikk 33) there is every Saturday Sabbath School at 10.00-11.00 and Sabbath Service at 11.15. Also in a small village called Aruküla (20 km from Rakvere) there are services in Metsakirik – at 11.00 Sabbath School and at 13.00 Sabbath Service.

In Kunda (Pioneeri 8) there is a group of russian speaking adventists who gather every Saturday at 10.00.

Adventist Church in Rakvere was established in 1912. Our congregation have had several meeting places, but since 1936 we have gathered every Sabbath in our own building.

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